We are constantly looking for new stories and ideas. Besides developing and producing our home grown ideas we also provide consultation and support for independent filmmakers. By using our experience and relation-ships with talent, we can help you save time, money and help you avoid common mistakes typical in the crea-tive process.

Story development

We are constantly looking for passionate filmmakers and writers who have a com-pelling story. We give full attention and focus to story development. We help you develop your story and pre-pare for the shooting. Through our pool of filmmakers we are open for collaborations and consultation.


We prepare the budget, shooting schedule, permits and all the shooting details. Low or high budget we work with a professional and talented crews that delivers the best work possible.


Would you like to have an experienced filmmaker take a look at your project and provide some personalized guidance? Wherever you are in the documentary filmmaking process, we are happy to talk. We can help break the blocks and give a real push and direction for you to take.


We manage the the post production process. We have an in-house editing suite where you can edit your film. We also collaborate with
talented sound editors and colorists studios.

File preparation

Applying for grants and festivals take time and a lot of paper work. We can help you prepare the film file in order to apply and move forward with the film.

Tell us about your film: